James John Flynn is an interior designer based in Indiana's Dune Country. He is the founder and managing partner of his self-named design studio, and will soon be opening its new retail home in the Heart of the Indiana Dunes.

For more than 25 years, Jim has been transforming spaces throughout the United States and abroad. Sought after for his ability to seamlessly translate clients' dreams and needs into comfortably livable spaces, his work is known for its thoughtfully curated, vibrantly eclectic elegance.

He brings to each project an unique multi-faceted viewpoint, one that is informed by his academic experiences at the University of Chicago; honed by his professional experiences as not only an interior designer but also as an attorney, real estate broker and commercial developer; and enhanced by his personal experiences travelling around the globe.

He has appeared multiple times on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and his work has been featured in various print and web publications.


OUR approach


Collaboration is key to the success of every project; and for it to truly work, there must be a connection between designer and client. So, our approach begins quite simply with an initial meeting, relaxed and informal, wherein we both determine if we are a good match.

From there, we spend time together, both in and outside of your home, which allows us to know and understand your unique personality and expectations, and provide you with one-of-a-kind spaces that stylishly and timelessly encapsulate who you are and how you live.

By so engaging clients, we not only help them visualize their final project but also educate them throughout the design process. We believe this is the best way to specifically tailor environments to the needs and desires presented by each client and their lifestyle

Our view toward collaboration does not end there. Whether working alongside your own architects, contractors and craftsmen or in-house with our own artisans and design professionals, our firm strives to ensure that the entire design process progresses smoothly, cost-effectively and free of drama. From start to finish, our goal is to painlessly provide you with an elegant, exciting and efficient space that could only be yours.


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